Kitchen Design Ideas With Incorporating The Kitchen Technology

Nov 28, 2023

Today everyone wants to have a smart kitchen and today’s technology plays an important role in making your kitchen a smart one. The present innovative advancements have changed what’s possible, even within the kitchen. Time has passed and we have covered a long way from the time of iceboxes and ticking kitchen timers, so if kitchen design is on your mind to give your home a luxury modern look, don’t forget to include the tech factor in your kitchen design. Below are some of our favorite ways that will definitely help you to create a smart kitchen that really does feel smart.

Google Home/ Alexa


Nowadays many hands-free devices are available like Alexa and Google Home, these devices make your cooking more easy and more fun. You can access multiple things at just a voice search, you can set multiple timers, can quickly access recipes, and even have recipes read to you. Simply ask your device to play a podcast, or create a “Kitchen” playlist so you can enjoy your favorite tunes and music while you work.

Drawers with charging stations


People love moving phones, tablets, and cameras to a built-in charging station hidden in a drawer. This liberates counter space while ensuring your gadgets stay completely charged, but also keep them safe and out of your sight.

Touch-activated faucets to avoid the mess


This could be the most useful of all the kitchen technology inventions. A faucet that can be activated only with a touch can be very helpful while working in the kitchen. You can turn the water on and off with just a touch of your hand, elbow, wrist, or arm. It’s ideally perfect for those minutes when your hands are messy and you would prefer not to make a greater mess trying to get clean.

Hidden screens


Little TV screens or tablets can help with meal preparation or provide entertainment. You can get creative by hiding a screen inside a cabinet or can designate a shelving area to fit a screen or tablet. Just don’t forget to get the switchboards and make space for wires.

High-tech kitchen appliances


While you would possibly not need high-tech kitchen appliances, they sure are fun. If you are thinking of taking your kitchen technology to the max, choose a refrigerator with the touchscreen functionality that allows you to stream music, a microwave that modifies its presets supported your usage, a stove that can be controlled by your smartphone, and a trashcan that can be opened with the wave of a hand. Just keep in mind that the low-tech appliances got replace sooner with the high-tech as technology keeps expanding rapidly.

Device bowl to hold phones


All right, so this one is low-tech, however, it’s intended for tech. We love the idea of keeping a big bowl in the center of your table, so everyone who sits down for a meal has got to place their phone in the bowl. This ensures a tech-free dinner, lively conservation, eye contact, and a truly needed break from our beloved technology.

To Sum Up

Kitchen technology can make cooking and work in the kitchen much easier and more fun. So when you finalize your kitchen design don’t forget to consider the kitchen tech. For more kitchen design ideas schedule a meeting with the best modular kitchen designer in delhi.