Complete Guide for Planning and Buying Your Modular Kitchen

May 21, 2021 blog_img

The primary thing that comes to us is that how we should begin planning our modular kitchen as it is the core of your home. The kitchen is the source from where the whole family acquires energy to remain healthy and zestful the entire day. A well-organized kitchen offers the homemakers everyday inspiration to cook with joy.

It is advised to first understand the attributes of the modular kitchen appurtenance as there is no inadequacy of the options in the market, such as pullout trays, cabinets, modular kitchen appliances, furniture pieces, drawers, etc. Acquire the kitchen of your dreams with a bit of careful planning and save your unnecessary expenses.

Review the following things before you start

  1. Try not to make any adjustments with the material and fittings as it is not a one-time use, so always choose durable and long-lasting resources.
  2. Every individual has his/her own taste, so never go by the design and resources of others it will not work for you.
  3. Always opt for professionals in designing and installation of the kitchen.
  4. Be very sure that your kitchen has ample lighting. Inadequate lighting will make your kitchen look frowzy and narrow. You can also put task lights under the hanging cabinets, besides the main lighting in the kitchen.
  5. Ceramic wall tiles can make a great choice for Indian modular kitchen designs as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Choose your Layout

Modular kitchens have few layout options to choose from:

  • Island

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    Island layout gives a grandeur look to the kitchen but this layout usually entails more space than is available in a small kitchen. This plan is more suited to medium-sized kitchens may still give you some ideas that you can include in your final kitchen design.

  • Straight or Single Line

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    A straight or single line kitchen has a single line of cabinets. As the name indicates, a gallery is normally narrow & long. However, the design can function as a nicely organized and sleek kitchen. It’s best to break the sink and cooking area with the ends of the work surface. This design actually gives plenty of storage space and it can suit occupied cooks who like all the stuff close to hand you may include either open shelving or glassy wall units to prevent the room from feeling fringe in.

  • Parallel

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    A parallel kitchen has cabinets along two opposite walls. This layout offers more storage space, such as spread-out cabinet heights and depths. This will prevent your kitchen room from feeling like a corridor and also can provide great options for a variety of cooking activities & storage.

  • L-Shape

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    A popular and viable layout that provides a very fruitful working triangle with good storage and ergonomics. It allows space for a dining table in a larger room and works effectively in small kitchens; so this layout is good for entertaining and families.

  • U-Shape

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    A successful U-Shaped layout typically involves more space than is accessible in a small kitchen. This arrangement which is more suited to medium-sized kitchens may still give you some ideas that you can include in your final kitchen design.

Know your materials

Do not compromise on the quality of the materials as premium-quality materials will never be a reason for disappointment and also serve you for a long time. Always choose renowned brands and buy water-proof components that might cost you a little expensive, but will be durable for years.

The basic storage options that are available in modular kitchens are:

Under counter units or Base units: These components are used for storing infrequently used, large and heavy types of equipment.

Wall-mounted units: Wall-mounted units have small depth so worktops underneath them can be used without any difficulty. They allow reaching to the crockery without bending.

Tall units: Full height cabinets are suitable for storing cleaning materials like brooms, mops, etc. They can also house a microwave or refrigerator.

Chimney: Modular kitchen chimneys are very beneficial rather than acting just as a showpiece. They have the tendency to keep your kitchen free from all the smoke, steam, oil, and other vapors.

Speculation in your home

Everybody always wanted an eye-catching kitchen, whether at a house viewing or at a party. A well-designed kitchen blends strong feelings and also increases the value of the property.


Modular kitchens are available in zillions of styles and colors. You would possibly get confused after seeing the varieties of patterns and designs of a Modular kitchen, but always choose the one that fits with the overall look of your home.



The cabinets that you choose for your kitchen must be heat, water, and corrosion-resistant. The foremost option is to choose mild steel with powder coats.

Get Modular Shelves for Space Saving


Modular shelves are actual space savers in even the smallest of apartments. A few modular shelves are designed to hang on doors; some can use even the most confined corners, while you can convert even the narrowest areas right into a jar rack.

Give a customized touch

The biggest benefit of a modular kitchen is that you can customize your kitchen space based on your requirement, lifestyle, need and taste. Without pulling up the costs, you can choose a style that looks luxurious and elegant in the kitchen space and saves your energy. Things that you need consistently can be well-placed within reach in open shelves, trays, and racks.

Modular Kitchens are easy to assemble, reassemble and disassemble

This feature is highly fascinating because the module system lets you shift the whole kitchen whenever you move. You can also get it to reassemble, disassemble, altered, or repaired again for the new space.

Hope the above tips will help you to get your ‘Dream Modular Kitchen’ that looks luxurious as well as sophisticated.

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