Innovative Ideas and Tips For Designing Your U Shaped Kitchen

Mar 04, 2023 blog_img

U-shaped kitchens are undoubtedly the most feasible kitchen layout because it provides an additional run of capacity or appliance space when compared to the other kitchen layouts. These classic U-shaped modular kitchen designs are perfect for kitchens with good space when more than one person is cooking or standing.

Read the following innovative ideas and tips for designing your U shaped kitchen:

  • Opt for Pendant Lightings

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    The idea of glass pendant lights is suitable as it doesn’t affect the required light and its design leaves an impression on everyone. In a U-shaped layout, pendant lightings are a great choice particularly if one side of the kitchen cabinet opens to a planned space.

  • Open-Shelf Units

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    If you have kitchen cupboards both above and below the counter level can result in the room feeling crowded and subsequently more modest. This can be recompense by selecting a combination of open shelving units and kitchen cabinets that will make your kitchen feel more spacious and more open.

  • Choosing the Best Kitchen Tiles

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    Picking up the best tiles for the kitchen is an important part of the design and can create a huge impact on the final appearance of the kitchen space. If your kitchen is a small U-shaped one then working with light-hued tiles is a popular trick that can make your kitchen look more spacious and brighter.

  • Dark Interiors

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    If your kitchen has natural and large light space, embrace it with the dark atmospheric interiors trend. Regardless of its inky floor and dark interior, abundant natural light avoids it from looking small and boxy.

  • White U-shaped kitchens for Classic Look

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    By choosing a white U-shaped kitchen design, you can keep your kitchen look bright which makes it look exemplary. Adding personality and colors with shelving, plants, and decorations will also create a commendable impression on your Indian kitchen design.

  • Built-in Appliances

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    Always choose built-in appliances for your U-shaped kitchen, it is one of the great ways to give your ‘Dream Kitchen’ a sleek and contemporary finish.

  • Unoccupied Worktop Area

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    The worktop area is ought to be kept relatively free of any kitchenware as it tends to be more convenient to utilize for food preparations and also for the temporary serving area when you opt for self-service during mealtimes, get-togethers, or small parties.

  • Proper Ventilation

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    Ventilation is one of the very important factors to remember while the cooking range should be in the middle leg of the U-shape. For this you can either keep a chimney ventilator over the cooking range or can add a window on the base leg of the U-shape, these are the options for making your kitchen smoke-free and thus it makes a comfortable place for cooking.

Final Words

We hope that the above points will make it easier for you to choose a perfect U-shaped design kitchen which you have thought of. Contact FAMA and get your modular kitchen now and enjoy the delightful cooking experience with our Kitchens.