Residential Stainless Steel Kitchens

While kitchen cabinets come in many materials, stainless steel is the most strong & durable. FAMA Kitchens provides alluring high-quality stainless steel residential kitchens for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. These kitchens are a hot trend right now in design. It is not only sleek, modern and clean; it’s practical, hygienic and long-lasting. Due to flexible counter tops and islands a variety of designs can be arranged in your space. The oven cabinets are integrated into the wall unit.

All modules are designed to be functional; there is a lot of combinations viable to manage internal cabinet spaces. In order to optimize efficiency, the drawers are separated. Stainless steel kitchens offer you the ease of organization, simple DIY assembly, unlimited flexibility, possibility to expand and experiment with vivid surfaces.

Attributes of Stainless Steel Kitchens


Fire Proof

Termite Proof

Water Proof

Strong & Durable

Corrosion Resistent

Green Material

Weather Neutral

Excellent Aesthetics

Easy Maintenance

Neat & Clean

Good Resale Value

Types of Kitchens

L-Shaped Kitchen

One of the most efficient layouts for the modular home is the “L-shaped”

U-Shaped Kitchen

One of the most common kitchen layout is ”U-shaped” kitchen layout.

G-Shaped Kitchen

”G-shaped” kitchen is an altered version of the ”U-shaped” kitchen.

Straight Line Kitchen

Also known as “Single Line Kitchen” is designed entirely along a single wall.

Galley Kitchen

Also known as “Parallel Shaped” kitchen. It has counters on either side of a central walkway.

Hot Trends in Residential SS Kitchens